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ARTISTS / Jess Parry

Jess' practice is spontaneous. She wakes up in the morning, not knowing where her work shall lead her throughout the day. Jess knows that she has one thing in mind- flesh. Her work is the excess flesh she does not want on her body and explores this through sculpture, performance, photography, drawing and painting.


She is primarily a painter and all of these disciplines combine as a process to develop into ‘that’ painting. Flesh to her is a malleable substance and she’s utterly fascinated by its violent, grotesque carnality that fuels her work. She feels that the hand of the artist is indeed as violent as the hand of the butcher. As delicate as the hand of a seamstress and as intimate as the hand of the surgeon.


"there's just something about the bathroom and that taboo associated with the figure and flesh that I'm really interested in right now"

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