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ARTISTS / Roma Mountjoy

I grew up in the depths of the  beautiful Cornish countryside this gave me a never ending supply of inspiration.  Our little secluded cottage was surrounded by farmland and the only way to our home was down a long winding lane. 


The sea shore was never far away and I would spend many hours sitting sketching the beautiful coves. I am also drawn to paint Welsh miners cottages, as I have lived here in South Wales for over twenty years.


I started to paint and draw from a young age.  And  that urge to create has never left me.  I couldn't imagine not painting it's a part of me. 

For many years I have painted with watercolours, but I also enjoy using acrylics and mixed media. I love to paint In an impressionist/naive style......

I also use recycled wood and metal to make sculptures. I am very lucky to own a work shop and studio.  Let’s just say.  I am never bored! 

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