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I feel joy in creating my art and want to bring that to the observer. I create semi abstract pieces that are inspired by the openness, grandeur and energy in the Welsh countryside, by the beauty of our gardens and by my travels abroad and in the UK. I live near Cardiff in a small village, and I am lucky enough to walk every day in the local countryside with my dogs.

My work starts with intuitive marks, and bright colour and I feel my way into each painting, while I often keep in mind the feel of whatever I am inspired by at that time.

I especially love the wide skies and the vibrancy of flowers. I love to layer and play as I paint until the character of the painting becomes clear and I am able to work with it. I often give the painting some space at this point, allowing time to consider its outcome. I then work carefully, keeping the aspects that are working or working over the parts that are not, in order to achieve a complete work.

I love to experiment and so I use many types of media, but I always start with acrylic. Then I may add crayon, ink, pencil, oil stick, collage and soft pastels. Texture adds echoes of landscape and atmosphere and the layers of time, and I add this with a multitude of tools, but usually end up painting with my fingers!

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