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September - Six in Conversation  [sic] exhibition

Saturday 5th  – Saturday 26th September 2020

Six in Conversation is a group of women artists from West Wales.  We have been meeting for six years as a way of supporting each other and to share common goals in relation to our art practice.

As a group we believe this opportunity of exhibiting together is a way of communicating a ‘common voice’ and one that resonates with many meanings.   We all work within a broad range of media and often discover that we share similar intentions and ideas.  Above all we feel our work can become a platform for dialogue and conversation. 


The group comprises: Ro Croxford (Rogers), Janie Harrison, Penny D Jones, Sian Jones, Ruth Sargeant and  Philippa Sibert

With ceramics by Ruth Sargeant and Julie Brunskill.

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