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By the Cutting Edge Textile Group

4th - 29th July 2023

Following the success of its 2019 exhibition Cutting Edge Textile Group planned to run another event in September 2020 – the theme of which was Make Do & Mend. It was to be an exhibition of members work lovingly created from recycled and upcycled materials. This exhibition never took place as the COVID pandemic took over everyone’s lives.

So, this exhibition encompasses work from 2020 to the current day. There are recycled and upcycled stitched stories completed prior to the lockdown, work undertaken during lockdown when restrictions gave time to reflect, research and investigate new techniques and mediums. And more recent work that has been inspired following the freedom to roam and investigate the world around us.

The exhibition is an opportunity to showcase the work of our wonderfully talented group. We are privileged and proud to be able to share our work with the wider artistic community and grateful to the Queen Street Gallery, Neath for allowing us the space.

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