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 ARTISTS / Sue Roberts


Sue Robert’s work is an exploration of emotions, feelings and sensations. Her work deals with idea of beauty, innocence and womanliness. It seeks to magnetically draw in or repel the viewer through the encounter with surface or tactility especially in todays fast changing aspects of gender.

She works mainly in 3D using clay , plaster and in 2D drawing the surfaces she has experienced. She uses bronze and cast iron. She has received several Arts Council Grants. She has shown internationally in Dublin, New York, Melbourne, Venice , Dusseldorf, and Vienna with some works held in private collections.

Sue Roberts lives in Cardiff with her husband, they have 5 children.  She was brought up in England, Canada, America, Borneo, and the Philippines. She studied at Glyntaf, moving to UWIC completing her BA and MA in Fine Art in 2003.  She taught drawing at Llanover Hall for over 15 years to subsidise her studio.

Sue Roberts is a member of The Welsh Group, Sculpture Cymru, and The Women’s Arts Association. She has served on committees in all of them.  She also shows works with Taith

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