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Susie Strange

3rd - 24th June

The inspiration for my work comes from my interest in the passing of time and ever changing movement of the landscape and sea, and in texture, colour and light.

The process of painting is of great importance to me and I occasionally incorporate natural materials such as ochre or fine sand to build depth and texture. I paint mainly in acrylic or oil on canvas or board, from onsite sketches as a starting point backed up by imagination and experience. More recently I have been exploring watercolour and its characteristics.

In addition to a range of paintings I work as a muralist and mosaicist. Projects include those for schools and private houses.

Exhibitions have included both solo and in group exhibitions in Switzerland, Stockholm, London, and elsewhere in the UK, including venues such as the Royal Watercolour Society, Royal West of England Academy and Theatr Mwldan in West Wales.

Through a desire to delve deeper into understanding nature and its processes, I have a BSc in Environmental Science with Physical Geography and MSc in Advanced Taxonomy & Diversity (Imperial College, London).

Thank you for taking the time to view my work

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