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ARTISTS / Tina Lucas

I relocated from Northamptonshire to the stunning Llynfi Valley in 2014.

During my early artistic career in the 80’s and 90’s, I enjoyed working as a children’s book illustrator while I also exhibited widely across Northamptonshire, in mixed shows and solo exhibitions. I also worked to commission for private collectors and an Interior Designer.

I have been working with oils, my preferred medium, for 35 years now. At this time my paintings sit between figurative and abstraction. Landscape being predominant. Colour is key, setting the feel for each painting.

I aim to capture the initial inspiration, the emotive feeling in paint, by filtering out details and distilling the subject to the essence of those moments in time. My observations and sketches are conceived while out hiking in South Wales and distilled once back in my studio.

Once the physical painting process begins I like to give reign to my intuition and instinct to guide the paint. The layers of paint, the gestures, mark making and glazes all become part of the narrative of each painting.

I invite the viewer in, hoping they enjoy their own interpretations while engaging with my paintings.

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