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Energy Force and Form

Sandra Wintle and Tracey Lewis

4th - 25th June 2022


The exhibition ‘Energy, Force and Form’ has been inspired by two artists who celebrate living by the sea.

Their observations and contrasting styles of work depict the coastline in all the elements, from the drama of high tides and storms along the coast of South Wales to the hazy, summer days of surf and sail.

Sandra captures the impact of waves against the rocky foreshore and the ensuing explosion of power and energy in all its glory, while Tracey depicts the gentle ebb and flow of incoming tides, bellowing sails and patterns left on sandbanks from the powerful undercurrents.

Enjoy the sea’s majestic force of nature, in all its forms!

Sandra Wintle

All my life I have lived on or near the South Wales Coast, and from my earliest memory the sea has been such an important part of my life.

The inspiration for my sea paintings comes from experiencing the drama and excitement of the storms along this stretch of coast.


The inspiration for my sea paintings comes from the drama of the high tides and storms along the South Wales coast. Capturing the impact of the waves against the rocky foreshore, and the ensuing explosion of power and energy.

Texture and colour are an essential part of all my work whether abstract, or more figurative. Experimenting with a wide variety of media.

As a complete contrast I have always loved portraiture and life drawing. Drawing from life is an important part of my process.

Tracey Lewis

My inspiration and love of nature comes from living on the magnificent coastline of South Wales, observing the ever-changing weather and all its effects. Studying art at school and college I then took the opportunity to travel.


I was later trained in London to paint realistic and stylised mannequins for store displays by blending and stippling various designs using oil paints. This unique skill enabled me to travel across Canada for Adele Rootstein Inc.


Various commissions and creative design projects over the years brought great satisfaction, leading me to 3 years further study in interior design.


A commission to produce large, vibrant art for a city nightclub rekindled my love of abstract painting and on returning home to Wales to live 15 years later, I produced a series of semi-abstract cityscapes and skylines for commercial properties


Throwing caution to the wind, I now primarily paint intuitively in acrylic paint on canvas, blending a variety of styles to create engaging sea, city and landscapes influenced by the urban and coastal communities I have lived, travelled to and been inspired by.  

Never committing myself to one style, my work continues to evolve and change directions, seemingly with the wind, resulting in each piece evoking either a sense of wild chaos or serene reflection.  

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