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Artist in the Spotlight

Welcome back to the blog! Today's feature involves married artists Bert and Brenda Evans. Their exhibit 'Together' is on show in the main Gallery at Queen Street (9th - 27th November) so be sure to check it out. If you are unable to visit us to see the show, you can see all of the work from the collection on our Virtual Exhibition page on the website!

If you'd like to learn a little more about Bert, Brenda and their exhibition then keep scrolling down to the interview.


(Paintings by Bert Evans)


Q. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind your joint exhibition 'Together'?

A. When we were approached by Bethan Ash regarding this joint exhibition we simply thought, "why not?". Our individual styles are quite different and so we thought it would provide plenty of variety for people viewing the exhibition.

Q. From what/whom do you draw your artistic inspiration?

A. (Bert) I get my best ideas when I'm out walking

A. (Brenda) I always seem to find something inspiring in everyday life.

Q. What motivates you to get up in the morning?

A. (Bert) The excitement of starting new work.

Q. How would you describe your artistic style in three words?

A. (Bert) Fresh, Loose, Impressionist.

A. (Brenda) Representational.

Q. How have you been creatively passing time during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A. (Bert) A series of projects has kept me good and busy throughout.

A. (Brenda) I have simply carried on painting.

Q. Did you always want to be an artist?

A. (Bert) I always have done since winning a Sunday School art competition.

A. (Brenda) My mother told me that I was good at it and I believed her.

Q. What is something you enjoy getting up to in your spare time other than art?

A. (Bert) Walking our rescue dogs and seeing them enjoy their new freedom. Beats everything!

A (Brenda) Hill walking and baking.

Q. What advice would you give to any aspiring artists out there reading this?

A. (Bert) Don't paint to sell. Paint to enjoy. If others like what you do then that's a bonus.

A. (Brenda) Enjoy the journey.

Q. Do you have a favourite artist/piece of art?

A. (Bert) Since joining various groups on Facebook, I enjoy the work of Ian Layton, Valerie Pirot and Nop Briex amongst many other fine painters.

A. (Brenda) Bonnard, George Jardine, Bert Evans.

Q. Do you have anything exciting coming up that you are enjoying creating/excited to share?

A. (Bert) I'm currently in talks with Rugby League merchandising people with a view to producing a series of player portraits.

A. (Brenda) I'm actually just looking forward to getting away for a holiday!


(Paintings by Brenda Evans)


Thank you to Bert and Brenda for taking part in the blog interview, I'm sure our readers will have loved learning a little more about you.

Be sure to check out the exhibition (in person or online) and as always don't forget that you are welcome to leave any thoughts or comments.

If you'd like to see more regular posts and updates about what's on in the Gallery then be sure to follow us on Instagram: queenstgallery Facebook: Queen Street Gallery or email us at

Stay safe and happy, and see you for the next one!

Lowri and the QSG team.

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