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Artist in the Spotlight - Scott Keenan

My name is Scott Keenan and I'm a new assistant here at Queen Street. I had a little introduction in the previous post and I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me in the gallery. I've had an amazing first week and I'm looking forward to continuing my role and getting to know more of the artists and visitors here at the gallery.

I'm planning on continuing 'Artist in the Spotlight' which highlights the amazing work of artists featured in the gallery both past and present.

I thought I'd start with myself as a little introduction for you. I studied illutration at Cardiff Metropolitan University and I'm particularly interested in storytelling. My work often involves working with narrative and I'm particularly interested in the re-telling of familiar stories as well as classic fairy tales and folklore and am very inspired by medieval and renaissance imagery.

I work primarily with pencil, inks and watercolours to create my work and have recently started exploring ways of working digitally.

Thank you again for the warm welcome to the gallery, I'm looking forward to meeting and working with more of you. I will keep you updated with events here on the blog as well as on our social media sites.

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