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July News: Watkins, Women and Workshops

Lamp and The Veil

In ‘The Lamp and The Veil’, Kate Bell and Valerie James bring together a mix of ceramics and paintings to pay homage to the poetry of Vernon Watkins. The end result of this collaboration is an immersive experience of colour, form and narrative.

Watkins’s prevailing themes of light and dark manifest in the rich pallets of Bell’s work. Concurrently, James’s figurative ceramics are preoccupied with themes of spirituality, myth and narrative, in direct response to the poet’s work. The relationship between the two artists and the metaphysical trilogy is displayed throughout the gallery, with lines from Watkins's poetry weaving its way between every piece.

The Lamp and The Veil is on display until July 30th. All artwork on display is available for purchase. Find out more about the exhibition here.

Opening of About Women/Women at War

Last Friday, we were forced to cancel the private view for ‘About Women’, our international exhibition of mail art postcards. Despite all our efforts, we couldn’t free the delivery from customs, due to small details not worth going into. We sincerely apologise to anyone who didn’t get our cancellation notice. The post cards finally arrived on Saturday. The fantastic team at Studio 40 has been busy putting up the artworks, one by one.

The private view is back on for Friday 22nd July, and the exhibition will remain up until August 28th 2022. None of the artwork on display is available for purchase.

Upcoming Workshops

We’ve got several workshops coming up, including still life painting, guitar lessons, patchwork dressmaking and stitch drawing. You can find all the information on pricing, dates and bookings by clicking here.

New Series on Instagram

After a six week hiatus, we’re back on Instagram, and we’ve got plenty of interesting content in store! Last week, we started three new series covering a range of topics, from the legacy of Welsh Art to young creatives in the local area. We’re trying our best to create engaging, interactive content, so give us a follow if you'd like to become part of a growing network of artists, crafters and designers from across the UK. Follow us now by clicking here.

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