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The Way I See It

Maureen Carlson

4th - 25th June

Having taught Art and Design for many years I now continue to increase my skills by attending life drawing and portraiture courses.


I use acrylic and oil, pastel and graphite in my work which is figurative and representational. I work mostly from photographs I have taken of people and plants and more recently fruit and vegetables for my still life paintings.


I have been influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe and Lucien Freud.


Through art I have made good friends where conversations never finish. I find  the ability to lose yourself in your work the best part of the process as well as never bring completely satisfied with what is produced.

Maureen will be giving a free demonstration from11am to 1pm on June the 11th, at Studio 40, Queen St., Neath

Please book HERE to watch her work.  

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