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April News

Gustavius Payne Exhibition

Payne’s solo exhibition ‘Bara…and Roses Too’ had a great opening night turn out, and has continued to draw crowds from across the UK, keen to get a glimpse of this unique exploration of history, myth and imagery. Given that the exhibition is inspired by the 1831 Merthyr Uprising, we were thrilled to be visited by two sisters from Merthyr Tydfil, who heard about Payne’s exhibition and carved out a day especially to travel down from Merthyr to visit. Gaynor (pictured above) had one word to summarise the exhibition - wonderful.

Angie Hughes Exhibition

Over in the Cwtch Studio, Angie Hughes’ solo exhibition A Collaged Path has been extremely popular, particularly with like minded crafters and textile artists who have been long admirers of Hughes’ educational resources (including books and online courses). Both Gustavius Payne's and Angie Hughes’ exhibitions are up until Saturday 29th April 2023.

The People’s Choice Winner: Hannah Madgwick

For those of you unfamiliar with the People’s Choice award, this is an extension of the Open ‘23 competition by Queen Street Gallery. First, second and third prizes are allocated by judges, while the People’s Choice award is chosen by you - the people. That means anyone who came into the gallery to fill out a slip voting for their favourite artwork.

This year's winner was Hannah Madgwick, followed by Conrad Rowlands.

Unique Thank You Cartoon

Occasionally, working at the gallery, people go out of their way to demonstrate their gratitude for having an opportunity to display their work. Last month, as the Open ‘23 came to an end, Melanie Fritz was waiting to pick up her work. While waiting she drew the Queen Street Gallery staff a charming cartoon as a display of appreciation. The caption to the image reads My first exhibition! Thank you so much! It’s the small acts of kindness and appreciation that encourage us to keep on doing what we do, and we truly appreciate it.

Melanie Fritz is a textile artist based in Pontypridd, who is originally from South German. We encourage you to follow Melanie on on Instagram: @melaniefritz_textiles

Children’s Workshop Participants

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Swansea families, who participated in a pop-up workshop in the outdoors, just outside the gallery. The weather was glorious, and there were lots of happy faces. We believe Neath is a great place to escape the noise of city life, with its wealth of forestry and lush parks. If we can give children an opportunity to explore their creativity as well as the outdoors, that’s great! We’ve all been the benefactors of inspiring community projects at some point, and it's great to have an opportunity to ‘pass the baton’ onto the next generation.

Life Drawing with Patti

With summer just around the corner, what a pleasure it is to have an opportunity to begin hosting regular workshops again. Beginning next Tuesday, Patti Mckenna will be hosting informal and engaging life drawing sessions at Queen Street Gallery on the last Tuesday of every month.

Price: £10, materials available to purchase or bring your own. Book now on the Queen Street Gallery Website by clicking here.

Patti Mckenna is an artist from Swansea, with over 10 years experience in teaching life drawing and portraiture in communal organisations such as the Swansea Print Workshop. Patti is passionate about community participation, so these workshops are open to creatives with every level of experience.

Back Wall Update

With the weather changing at break-neck speed, we thought it was high time for a refresh on the Queen Street Gallery permanent stock wall (located opposite the Cwtch). Tooled up and ready with a fresh batch of artworks, the Queen Street Gallery team got to work swapping the winter display for a spring-themed collection of glorious work by local artists. This year's spring display includes artwork by Jaqueline Jones, Steve Roe, Roma Mountjoy and Peter Evans. Feel free to take a stroll towards the back of the shop on your next visit.

Angie Hughes Workshop

This Saturday, you have a chance to take part in a workshop with renowned collage artist Angie Hughes. Angie’s workshops are a relaxing yet informative way to develop your ability to use print, stamp and stitch. Only two spaces left - book now while spaces last!

22nd Saturday April 10am-3pm, Queen Street Gallery, Studio 40 Neath. 40 Queen Street, Neath SA11 1DL. £65 including Materials.

Book now on the Queen Street Gallery Website by clicking here.

May Exhibition: The Way We See It

Coming up in May, we’re looking forward to hosting a group exhibition The Way We See It.

This eclectic display of work has been achieved by each artist striving to depict their local environment in their own unique style. The light, colour, form and textures of nature are manipulated, exaggerated or simplified to create an alternative and individual way of

seeing the world around us. Abstract art created from juxtaposed shapes and colours, when

manoeuvred and balanced, reveal the deepest form of intuitive and imaginative thinking from within. - Tracey Lewis, artist.

Last Studio Booked

Few things in life are more satisfying than painting walls white. Over the last few weeks, the attic studio is slowly transforming from a derelict no-go area into light-filled, bohemian studio. The latest artist to make Studio 40 their home will be moving in at the start of May. Studio 40 is beginning to grow into a vibrant, lively place and it's all down to you - the people who are engaging with the organisation. Whether on a voluntary basis, by purchasing from the Queen Street Gallery catalogue, turning up to an opening, or by joining the growing collective of studio artists who are based here, we’re here because of you.

Artist of The Month: Gustavius Payne

It’s always difficult to pinpoint a particular artist, given the variety of talent on offer at Queen Street Gallery. Being at the gallery on a daily basis, however, certain exhibitions have a notable effect on visitors. Such is the case with Bara…and Roses Too. Payne’s work has been sparking a tide of conversations on a variety of subjects, including Welsh history, technology, local politics and symbolism. It’s great to see people from a range of backgrounds engaging with the work, from young children on school trips from Swansea to local Neath residents who have been based in South Wales since the 1940s. Essentially, that’s the purpose of art - to disrupt, to question, to engage and probe, and Payne does this effortlessly. That’s why Gustavius Payne is Queen Street Gallery's Artist of The Month.

Neath Art & Literature Festival

With a great turnout to the last meeting, the Neath Art & Literature Festival has taken on a life of its own! It’s full steam ahead with the plans, thanks to a host of superb individuals who are working flat out to get the event underway. The festival will soon have a website and social media platforms to boast of, but for the time being, all updates/callouts will be posted on the Queen Street Gallery Newsletter.

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