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Watercolour Beginners Workshop with Heather Littlejohns

Watercolour Beginners Workshop with Heather Littlejohns

Tuesday February 13th

11am - 2pm

£20 per person

An exciting watercolour workshop with Heather Littlejohns next Tuesday during her solo exhibition in our Cwtch Gallery.

Through demonstration and painting together you will learn about materials, colour mixing and basic techniques used in watercolour painting.

Subjects will include, small landscapes and simple still life objects and hopefully you will produce some lovely little art works!

I’ll look forward to seeing you,


You will need:

Watercolour paper (thicker than cartridge)

Watercolour paints in tubes or pans and a blue (student quality is fine)

You don’t need a huge range of colours but you will need the three primaries and any variations of these. Burnt umber is useful and so is burnt Sienna, but just bring what you have.

Brushes (watercolour)

If you have one, a smallish board to tape your paper onto ( I use watercolour block pads mostly)

Thin width masking tape

Masking fluid

A white wax crayon


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